Running is an effective load for impressive increasing male potency!

Running is an effective load for impressive increasing male potency!Any physical activity gives beneficial influence on sexual consistency. Running for male intimate power is as useful as strength training in a gym. With its help, you may both improve the body as a whole, and improve your masculinity.

For a perfect potency there is a whole list of factors, and many of them are inextricably linked to the state of health. Therefore, it must be maintained normally, running in this case is an indispensable assistant.

Useful time for potency

But still the main thing is not to overdo it, so running for male potency requires compliance with several rules. Otherwise, large physical loads may result in diseases and injuries.

1. Each session should be preceded by a warm-up – this will prevent damage to the knee joints;

2. For unsporting men in the early days it is better to limit themselves to walking at a fast pace or short jogging;

3. With severe obesity, you should limit yourself to walking until the weight is adjusted so that it does not cause a traumatic load on your knees;

4. Running speed and distance should be increased gradually, but regularly. The duration of the training should eventually be about an hour a day. Periodicity of runs is 3-4 times a week;

5. A visit to the swimming pool will further strengthen the musculature and develop endurance;

6. In the winter, running can be replaced on skis. It is important to train all year round, without making discounts on slush, rain and frost;

7. During jogging, the speed of the heartbeat should be monitored. At any, even insignificant deterioration of state of health, it is necessary to slow down the pace or stop for rest.

8. Dizziness and darkening in the eyes, which occur regularly, an occasion to
revise the daily ration, mean that the body receives less nutrients, but an excess of fat and cholesterol is possible. It is necessary to add vegetables, lean meat, fish, garlic, yogurts or sour cream, greens, nuts and honey to your menu;

9. It is necessary to watch the breath: during the run you should breathe through your nose;

Running is an effective load for impressive increasing male potency!

10. It is important to get acquainted with the correct technique of running and choose special shoes, otherwise the development of diseases of the tendons and knee joints is possible;

11. Training should be completed by stretching exercises to relax the muscles of the legs.

Only when all recommendations are complied, running is useful for potency and maintaining the erectile function.

Running influence on the potency

The immediate effect of running on potency, first of all, is that this type of activity provokes the production of male hormones responsible for sexual arousal and attraction to the opposite sex.

The benefit of running for potency is the following effect on the body:

1. Stimulates blood flow, especially in the genital area – a sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnant processes. They, in turn, provoke inflammation of the prostate, which in many respects causes normal male intimate activity, participating in spermatogenesis and the formation of sexual desire. Thus, prostatitis negatively affects the sexual function;

2. Strengthens the heart and blood vessels, which diseases are the most frequent prerequisites for the development of severe forms of impotence;

3. Enriches the body with oxygen, which is especially useful for the brain, which activates the nerve centers of excitation;

4. Eliminates stagnation in male muscles.

5. Especially useful for male erection hourly marathons at an average pace. Long-term, but not very heavy workings most effectively affect the cardiovascular system in a positive way. Moreover, these exercises develop endurance (which will prolong the sexual act and less fatigue the field of the working day).

A long-term effect that retains until old age is possible just if a guy has turned the jogs into a part of the way of his life, and does not treat them as a tedious duty, which he refuses, as soon as the problem is eliminated. Remember: serious somatic disorders that caused erectile dysfunction can not be eliminated just by running.

Contraindications and possible harm

Any sporting activity may provide different effects on the human body. The influence of running on the potency is twofold: hourly training promotes the synthesis of the male sex hormone, but if you prolong it and continue running, the body will start producing another hormone. It is called cortisol, it is considered harmful, as it draws energy to maintain strength from the muscles, which adversely affects not just your sexual function, but also on other systems and organs. It is often possible to find a reference to this substance called the “stress hormone”.