I thought that it was the end but actually my erection happened again!
When I had experienced erectile dysfunction for the first time in my life I thought that it is not going to happen again. As soon as my ED turned into impotency I thought that a smart decision would be to visit my personal doctor. By all means, I managed to tell him all my symptoms and he said that the best way for me to get cured is to get on a diet and take Sildenafil. This drug actually did wonders to my whole body. I get a great erection and my sex drive is better than ever. Since that day I actually try to take Sildenafil every time before sex and my erectile dysfunction does not bother me at all.

Sildenafil seemed like a bad idea at first, but I tried it anyway!
When my wife Stacy have told me that erection issues are normal for men of my age I believed her. She seemed so nice and supportive so it was impossible for me to ignore her. She said that Sildenafil is a perfect erection booster and that is why I finally agreed to try it. Well, I was very careful with taking Sildenafil to my system and that is why I never mixed it with beer or wine. Since that time my erection was incredibly and I was happy to have sex with my wife finally. She said that I was remarkable.

I did not know what to do therefore I have taken Sildenafil for treating ED!
I have been depressed for quite some time and therefore I did not know how is it possible to start a new relationship and have an erection that is hard and firm. As you can guess my depression and anxiety have to lead me to erectile dysfunction and I did not even have a girlfriend in my life at all. As it was mentioned in the instruction to Sildenafil it is not possible to mix this drug with food, especially the one that is full of junk. I was taking antidepressants at this time, therefore, I had to go off the antidepressant and take Sildenafil separately. As result, my erection happened quickly when I was sexually stimulated and I was so happy that ED was not an issue from that moment on. My self-esteem was back and I felt happy and totally satisfied with the fact that impotence is not a part of my life anymore.

She said that the great decision for her will be to leave this instant!
I loved my girl but when my erectile dysfunction happened I did not manage to get an erection as fast as I wanted to, and my lovely Maggie said that she will leave me. I did not know what to do and therefore I was so disappointed and crushed. She did not even bother to tell me whether or not she loves me anymore. Well, as a result, I decided to take Sildenafil and take treat impotence once and for all. Right now I am dating a very nice woman and she loves me just the way I am. What a great way to have a proper sex life with Sildenafil!

A year went by and erection sis does not maintain at all!
I knew that as soon as I turned 50 I would experience certain kinds of health problem, especially with my heart and male enhancement. As it turned out I was right and my erection was not happening even when my wife was stimulating me sexually during intimacy. Well, I was trying to get over the fact that my erection problems are stable; therefore I went to the doctor and asked him what the possible cure for this issue is. He told me that there are certain ways to cure ED, and the greatest one is to go on a diet, eat healthily and take Sildenafil. These great pills were really effective and erection occurred in about 2 hours after the first time when I took it. Since then Sildenafil is a number one drug in my medicine cabinet.