Can poor performance in the bed be caused by depression?

When you are experiencing erectile dysfunction there is a chance that it is caused by your mental health and certain issues that you have with it. In about 25% of various cases, there are certain kinds of physiological factors that influence your sex performance one way or the other.
There are different kinds of physiological conditions such as childhood trauma and sexual problems that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

– Stress is the most common issues of all. Your stress can be caused either by some kind of problems at work, with your relationship and maybe with certain kind of budget problems that you have right now. When you are worried about a lot of problems in your life then you have to look for various ways to relax and keep calm for as long as you want to.
– When you are anxious about the fact that erection did not happen earlier then there is a great chance that you will experience widely known problems as performance anxiety. This way you will worry about having sex every time when it comes to this. As soon as you realize and talk to your partner about possible issues with your health there will be no need to worry constantly that you will not perform well. As soon as you keep calm ED will not be severe problems in your sex life anymore.
– A constant guilt usually accompanies those men who are not capable of pleasing their partner or a wife. When you are feeling a serious guilt then you will be so worried all the time during intimacy. Stop that and go to physiatrist before you will manage to get a nervous breakdown.
– And the most common problems that cause you your sex life is depression. Usually, depression affects your life not only physiologically but also physically. But it also should be noted that even when you are trying to cure your depression by taking certain drugs that your shrink assigned to you there is a chance that you will manage to get erectile dysfunction as a side-effect from this meds.
– Never take any kind of a drug without telling your doctor that you want to do it. Smoking is also a bad kind of addiction. By the way, even when you notice that a certain drug give you ED do not stop taking eat before consulting a doctor. Time after time it may happen that when you will quit taking a drug spontaneously your side-effects will be even more severe.
– When you have an incredibly low self-esteem and you do not think that you deserve to be happy and live a full life then you will see that your sex performance is incredibly poor and you simply can not arouse in bed at all. Even when you find the women you are getting intimate with very sexy and attractive ED can still happen, regardless of what you think.
– When you have a very banal and dull routine with your partner and you are already very old then you probably do not have any interest in sex at all. As soon as you give up on sex then ED will stay with you, without a cure you will not have any kind of erection at all. Do not follow this sad example and never give up on sexual intercourse at all, unless your doctor forbids you to have sex, due to certain health conditions.

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